Ingredients first.

Our Story

Flamiba was born organically, with the intent to adopt some of the most wonderfully homegrown brands on the market. We started off small with local and lovable companies one at a time while encouraging their founders to keep some stake in exchange for trade secrets and core values. We have since grown exponentially, helping artisanal entrepreneurs build their brand and materialize their dreams, and are now proud to operate as curious curators – developing the highest quality collection of clean and transparent consumer packaged goods.

Our values

At Flamiba, we believe ingredients matter, and we’re not afraid to ask the questions that need to be answered. Each brand we offer has been intensively researched and thoroughly vetted, so you can rest assured that any product sold under our name is clean, clear, and completely compromise free. Part of the core values at Flamiba is to provide transparent, good for you, and delicious products just like the founders envisioned – products that exceed consumer expectations at great value, always.

Our team

Our team is committed to lifelong learning and continues to seek knowledge and truth while having over 100 years of collective consumer packaged goods experience. Flamiba is well funded to support and expand developing brands while also being flexible and nimble to quickly scale for opportunistic brands that deliver exceptional results. As we expand, we will continuously and consistently operate in the belief that truth is transparency. Because clean, fresh, and natural ingredients matter.

Our brands


Plant-based cooking is
getting all dressed up.

Spread, drizzle and dip your culinary creations in the creamiest vegan mayo on the market. Our dreamy list of ingredients is dazzling: we’re clean, clear, and completely cholesterol free. Feast on that.

freedom bar

Food is about to get real,
my friends.

Your snack break should not be laced with lab made natural flavors – we’re flipping the bar on transparency and bringing you the cleanest, clearest, most delicious fuel ever. Let freedom ring.

curtice brothers

Cleaner ketchup
is all the rage.

Chemical-laden condiments are so last century. Your quality cooking should not be doused in additives at the end. We’ve bottled up the full-flavored freshness of natural ingredients and organic vine ripened tomatoes – bringing you condiments without compromise. We’ve got you covered. Top that.

Our collection

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